Autographed Copy of Little Seeds Journey

By Annmarie Chereso
with Stacey Hamburg
Art by Molly Cranch

Little Seed is the story of self-awareness, self-empowerment, inter-connection and belonging. By observing its place in nature, the seed experiences the excitement of growth as well as the joys of feeling connected, secure, and strong. When the seed becomes a tree, it also learns the importance of the strength of its roots and its connection to all living things.

Little Seed hopes to inspire parents and educators to plant seeds of success in young people around the world reminding the next generation of the importance of connecting to themselves and to others, to create a peaceful, compassionate and sustainable world and to remind and encourage the next generation to Be the change you wish to see in the world —Gandhi

BONUS: The Planting Seeds Starter Kit

The how to guide to setting and nurturing seeds of success in your kids lives and for the world you want to live in. Kit includes a planting seeds guided meditation. Simply CLICK HERE to get your starter kit emailed to you.

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